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Current Clients


6 - Crop and livestock farming

2 - Agribusiness value chain

2 - Agribusiness support services

1 - Green industrial production

Clients Asset Base


USD45m - Crop and livestock farming

USD12m- Agribusiness value chain

USD5m - Agribusiness support services

USD3m - Green industrial production

Closed Deals


USD6m - Crop farming, debt capital raising mandate

USD2.5m- Agri value chain - advisor - restructure and debt capital raising

USD1.5m - Agri support services - advisor - an outright sale

Active Deals


USD38.5m - Crop farming operating co's raising growth capital

USD2m- Agri-value chain operating co raising growth capital

USD3.5m - Agribusiness support services looking for a buyer

USD1m- Green industrial production co raising bridging finance

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Active Deals

OneA cash generating Botswana large scale commercial farming company with over 750 hectares of land under irrigation is raising a debt and equity funding to finance its growth plan of becoming the country's first agri conglomerate by growing, processing and packing high value crops. Currently producing potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and peppers, selling to local retail chain stores, wholesalers and tradesman in own branding. Company employs circa 200 people on a full-time basis.

Company currently generates an annual revenue of circa USD3m and a +25% Ebitda and is looking for a financier to add value to the current operation to assist achieve its growth path of becoming a sustainable food producer in a net importing country thus reducing dependence on imports while creating income for locals via employment and trade. 

Use of proceeds includes but not limited to acquisition of additional prime farmland with access to large volumes and quality of irrigation water, purchase more top tier farming equipment and machinery, upgrade the value add packing machinery, construction of 5 hectares of greenhouses for tomatoes. pepper, lettuce, cucumber production and working capital.

Company is raising USD20m (senior debt and equity)

TwoA cash generating Botswana large scale commercial farming company with over 300 hectares of land under irrigation is raising a debt and equity finance to fund its growth plan of becoming the country's specialist grower of organic carrots, beetroots and onions for local and export market. Currently producing beetroots, onions and carrots, all for local market comprising of retail chain stores, wholesalers and tradesman in own branding. Company employs circa 150 people on a full-time basis.

Company's last year revenue is USD2.4m and a Ebitda of +30%, has demonstrated the ability to grow further to become a regional food grower while playing a critical role of becoming Botswana's first grower of organic crops reducing negative impact on environment whilst contributing to the economy that is mainly dependent on mining revenue.

Use of proceeds includes but not limited to purchase of additional value add packing and sorting machineries for carrots and beetroots, purchase additional top class farming equipment and machineries, install roof top solar energy for supply of energy to packhouse and run in parallel with water recycling systems to save water used in washing processes.

Company is raising USD15m (senior debt and equity)

Active Deals

ThreeA local commercial farm operator is implementing a growth strategy for the group companies by venturing into the agribusiness value chain space, targeting an outright acquisition for an commercial property operating co with an annual revenue of USD2.2m, a positive Ebitda and employs 17 employees. The company trades fuel, lubricants and other consumer goods. The acquisition and growth strategy is to operate an Agrihub model to enable small holder and commercial farmers to access agri inputs such as seeds, fertilisers, pesticides, farming equipment and training and mentorship. The ticket size is USD3.5m

FourA local family is seeking to completely exit their main business - a commercial property with two services stations (fuel and diesel), a restaurant, guest house, storage rooms, warehouses, the company also sells agri inputs such as a farm packaging materials, fertilisers, pesticides to farmers. The company average annual revenue is USD4m and an Ebitda of USD110k, at peak revenue can be as high as USD6m. The transaction is an outright sale of a freehold property with all assets including the inventory and licenses, the property is on a prime freehold land of 81.2ha with access to major towns in Botswana and is located 10kms from the Botswana/South Africa border. The asking price is USD3.5m

FiveA Botswana based manufacturer of organic fertiliser, first of its kind in the country is seeking bridging finance to enable logistics and distribution of orders to customers, the company has grown to become a regional player with customers in a few SADC countries including South Africa and Zimbabwe. The company has achieved a remarkable growth over the last few years and has registered some IP on the technology and licenses in its respective market segments. Empliying over 30 people full-time the company has achieved a peak revenue of USD4m. The ticket size is  USD1m

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