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Bringing the know-how to achieve sustainability, growth and value in clients operations

Strategy Development

Defining objectives, setting a direction, assessing possible hinderance and best allocate resources to assist clients achieve targets in the short and long run

- Development of business strategies

- Operational systems review and historical performance analysis

- Market assessment and development

- Risk assessment and mitigation

- Facilitating technical partners

- Progress monitoring

Capital Facilitation

Our existing network of local and international financiers enables clients to access capital and a financing partner who will add value to the business

- Development of an investor pack (teaser, investment memorandums, project slides, deal offer and funding structures)

- Development of comprehensive cashflow models and analysis

- Business valuations 

- Facilitation of capital - debt and equity 

- Support on due diligence and transaction execution

- Investor relations

Investment Operations

Our hands on approach gives us the platform to fully understand client’s operations with a view to endlessly assess, review and implement efficient business operational systems.

- Ongoing support on business operations and management 

- Monitoring of market presence performance and brand growth

- Asset and or subsidiary performance analysis

- Governance structures

- Lead and support on management and strategy meetings

- Investor relations and reporting

We believe in building sustainable business models that can generate healthy returns and positively impact people's lives, the environment and the economy

- Sustainability and Impact assessment and reporting

- Value add processes

- Profit and Impact oriented models

- Human capital training and empowerment strategies

- Implementation of further growth plans and strategies

- Sourcing follow on growth capital

Value Creation

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